THINK TANK: “My First Job Interview”

30 August 2021

THE KLUB makes it happen. It adds value.

Many of our members’ Sons will start their professional lives this year. In this sense, THE KLUB offers them a unique and valuable experience.


Some say that a job interview is a conversation between two liars.
On the one hand, a trained and experienced professional is a nervous, inexperienced, and unprepared young man.

We will help prepare your Son for this critical moment for the rest of his professional life.

This “Think Tank” is provided by the company “Team-Up International Training & Consulting Ltd.” It is a network of Independent Trainers, Consultants, Coaches & Facilitators powered by THE KLUB.

The mentor is the renowned International Coach, Jorge Lopo Cancella de Abreu.

“We help to develop and change People, Teams & Organizations.”

This event has a limited number of participants due to the existing conditions and health restrictions, so we kindly ask you to register ASAP.

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